Adventure Elopement Planning

Adventure Elopement Planning

Even though you’re keeping it simple by eloping, there are still lots of details to think about. Any intimate adventure elopement will include more than photography. I will help iron out all of the details of our session. Details up to and including: permit, marriage license info, officiants, travel must sees- for the honeymoon bit-, weather, accommodations, vendor referrals, acoustic musicians and any necessary arrangement.

There are a lot of things to choose and I can help with your adventure elopement planning – location, attire, guest list, music, accomodations, activity- based? We can choose the perfect location with the right amount of adventure for you. Talking about attire, we will discuss what can you hike in or paddle (or anything in!) and make sure we get the right dress. I want you to feel comfortable and free in. We will work on the details together and become closer in this process 🙂

Adventure Session Elopement/Small Wedding

I used to photograph large weddings but am working toward being a dedicated  intimate adventure elopement photographer. Helping you with your adventure elopement planning, seems like a more fulfilling life for me. I would like to focus on providing you this experience in nature. Elopements are more than about epic photos, but we’ll be sure to get those too. I love being a tour guide to the southwest. Can I take you on a hike and show you an intimate look at these places? We’re going to have a good time together and in the end we’ll be like long lost friends.

Southwest Destination Adventure Session Location Options

I don’t know every southwest destination like the back of my hand or as I do Grand Canyon, my home for the last 10 years. What I do know, is people and I know a lot of people. Working in the National Parks, people come and go and work seasonally in other places. It’s because of the friends and connections that I’ve made over the years, that I have friends actively living in many national parks across the country. With these friendships in mind, I have access to the most intimate locations in these places and can offer you an unmatched experience in your adventure elopement planning.

Send me a message. Look at my calendar.

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