Alex, Cortni and Kayla – the most touching engagement proposal for two

I talked with Alex quite a bit before planning this #supriseproposal for two. Alex really wanted to have a location for his proposal without any other tourists in site.

We decided to plan for an #adventureproposal. This plan was a little different than most but still a complete surprise. Cortni is used to having her photo taken and is an amazing model, so we planned a photo session where the surprise proposal would take place.

Alex had a bigger job to do, he also had to propose to Cortni’s 9-year-old daughter, Kayla. I was so excited to be a part of a proposal for three.

We met at the backcountry office at #grandcanyonnationalpark well before the session. Knowing that there could be an outfit change, I wanted to offer up an additional location. They followed me in their car to a marked viewpoint where we worked fast to get some shots.

Next we went on to a location I’d chosen, a location untouched by man and void of other #grandcanyonvisitors. There was no trail and it was a walk through the woods to the canyons edge, a walk with obstacles to step over and cactus to be aware of.

We made our way out and then I asked Cortni to change into the other dress that she brought. Alex and I stood behind as I posed her for a solo photo looking away at the canyon. Alex set up a video and when she turned around, he was on one knee.

Kayla ran around, arms in the air unable to contain her excitement. She just kept saying “You get to be my real dad”. After the moment passed, Alex returned to one knee and also proposed to Kayla with a unicorn necklace and diamond stud earrings. I was almost in tears watching the two ladies reactions.

Yesterday was such a good day. You CANT help but have your best day ever when you are standing in someone else’s. So much love for these moments â¤ @ Grand Canyon National Park

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