Desert Elopement Locations

Desert Elopement Locations – Death Valley National Park

I am forever fascinated and inspired by the desert landscape and I am really interested in shooting in this desert as an elopement location, especially Death Valley National Park. Originally from New Jersey, I’ve come to find peace and freedom in the vastness of the desert scape.

It might seem morbid to want to elope in a desolate location with “Death” in its title, but this desert is so completely alive. This place is especially beautiful for a desert elopement location or intimate wedding.

I went to Death Valley, this time to reconnect with my very best friend from New Jersey. Alex also saw the light and moved to San Francisco just a year after I moved to Grand Canyon National Park.

Last year, we decided that Death Valley would be the best national park to meet up at for a winter retreat, and we did. We fell in love with it and when Alex abruptly quit his job, and my guiding job took a hiatus for the winter months, decided to meet here again.

The first few days, I took photos only with my iphone. I tried not to get caught behind the lens or let the camera seperate myself from my true purpose in being there, which was designed for the most quality of times with my friend.

Only did I pick up my Dslr on the last two days of my trip. Even without my big bulky camera in tow, I was doing my research. I looked at the light and paid attention to the various locations I could potentially stage some stylized desert elopement in this location at Death Valley.

I met with the events person at the Inn, Amber and talked with her about providing some stylized photography to use for event marketing. The Inn is a stunning oasis in the desert, full of class and subtle detail in just about every door handle, light fixture and piece of furniture. I was like a child as Alex and I explored around, searching for the main desk, an hopefully a delicious shot of espresso, or 6.

The Inn was one of Alex’s and I’s only indoor experiences while scoping out desert elopement locations at Death Valley National Park. We hiked a few trails, salt creek, mosaic canyon, Zabrinski Point, Ubehebe Crater Loop and also explored the nearby Ash Meadows Wildlife Preserve, we scoped out the famous Devil’s Hole pupfish and talked with an NPS wildlife biologist about them. We also stopped and took a tour at the Amargosa Opera House and I dreamed about maybe one day being an interpreter/guide there.

Originally from New Jersey, I’ve come to find peace and freedom in the vastness of the desert scape. The first time I went through Death Valley was in the summer on the way to summit Mount Whitney. We filmed a popscile melting with a time-lapse and really only passed through the lowest part of iUS within the same 24-hour time span.

I thought nothing of Death Valley at first, except of the heat. Don’t overlook this incredible wonderland. It’s the perfect winter escape and a magical desert elopement location at Death Valley National Park.

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