Winter Photography at Grand Canyon

Winter Photography at Grand Canyon

Being at Grand Canyon National Park in the wintertime is one of the most magical times. When I wake up with snow outside my window at Grand Canyon, my heart beats wildly, I get ummm… like oddly giddy. The cold doesn’t seem to matter and before long, I am charging out of my house, snow boots untied, with a cup of coffee in town.

I love the quiet way the canyon is in the winter. We see less visitors here in the winter but more than ever before; I’ve been here ten years. Walking around Grand Canyon Village in the winter used to feel like a scene straight out of the shining, when I first arrived long ago.

With over 6 million visitors at Grand Canyon National Park these days, it’s hard to imagine that it might ever feel like a erie scene from a horror movie. Instead it feels warm and welcoming. Almost everyone who works here, lives here so we don’t really shut down on account of weather and there is usually a little bit of a bustle of local people and adventurous tourists meandering around the rim, in hushed awe and pure happiness at seeing the canyon in snow.

I have more winter surprise engagement proposals and elopements than ever before. Though less people are here most of the winter, the few that do venture to the edge to peer off at the canyon, seem to really appreciate the sight.

Water is so rare in this desert, when I SEE the snow at the canyon, I feel almost as a wilted flower come to life myself. I know that the earth needs this moisture and I feel grateful for it and refreshed in seeing it. I look out over the canyon on days like these and see her there, bands of white and pink off in the distance like some fabulous birthday cake.

As rain is a gift to the earth, this sight is truly a gift to you. Since I’ve been at the canyon, these last ten years, the snow isn’t as reliable, as I’ve seen in the past, and old timers tell me that what I remember, as big years for snow, was nothing at all. So never be lazy waking up to snow at the canyon, go explore it.

Savor it in all of its glory, as lately it’s melted by the time the sun sets on the very same day.  This treat, seeing the canyon in snow, might not always be there for you all to enjoy. Soak it in with your cameras and enjoy it now as for one day, it may only be a memory. Don’t forget about how it feels being at Grand Canyon National Park in the wintertime.

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