Do Adventure Proposal lead to Adventure Elopements? Horseshoe Bend Proposal

Do Adventure Proposals lead to Adventure Elopements? Horseshoe Bend Proposal

The answer right now is, no. Although I photograph a TON of proposals, most folks get married closer to home in a big traditional way. Sometimes, I am invited to be their photographer and sometimes not. That’s ok, I’m not really interested in photographing large weddings these days.

It’s the intimate elopement experience that I am after, I want all the adventure and I know that there are people out there looking for the same. Looking to connect with those adventurous couples who want to stand on the edge of something bigger than themselves, who want to share their love in the natural environment and everything that goes with it.

These two were no different. Anis contacted me only a few months out from the proposal of his dreams at Horseshoe Bend and I helped guide them into using Horseshoe Bend Tours.

Although it was certain that Anis wanted to propose at Horseshoe Bend, I knew that the only tour that would get there would also include Antelope Canyon. If I wanted to have any photos of them in both locations, we would have to come up with a better plan.

The Surprise Proposal Plan

I presented some options to Anis:

  1. I can pretend to be myself on the tour and reveal myself early on. I can say that I want to practice photography and ask if you both will model for me here and there along the tour.
  2. If she is the type that will care how she looks, you can tell her that you found me offering free photos in exchange for models. Then you both will be dressed better than just vacationing and I can “practice” photo with you with the proposal to happen at horseshoe bend.
  3. I will be incognito the entire time and I can avoid taking photos at antelope and then at horseshoe bend, you will know who I am and follow me as I walk toward the best location for the proposal. I will take a photo at the place I want you to stand and then walk away, this will be your indication to move into that spot and drop to a knee.
  4. The parents can say they hired a photographer and I can take photos of everyone and more of the two of you separately.

Anis responded:

Great suggestions.
My parents anniversary is October 31st. So we will go with option 4. You can take a couple with them at antelope canyon, they being the main people. You can get a few of us and even with us unaware. Then we before the stars at horseshoe bend.  This way i’ll still get her to dress up a bit.

The Day of the Adventure Proposal

So I flew back into Las Vegas from shooting a wedding in NJ and went right to Page Arizona early the next morning. The whole time that I drove (a different route than I am used to) I thought about how cold I was feeling. I knew that everyone was from Trinidad but thought it would warm up by the time that I arrived.
It did not, and we loaded up into the open-air jeep, I wish I had pendleton blankets to wrap them all in, and maybe if I drove from home, I would have. They looked cold already and the truck started up… ok I thought, this is ok. It turned onto the highway, and I was cold. I was wearing a long down coat 😮
These guys were so brave, they rolled with the colder weather and even played in a little snow that remained in a shady slope. We made our way to Horseshoe Bend and when the proposal took place, Anis’s parents rushed in with the big hug. We then took photos up until sunset and until the tour guide came to get me, I didn’t even realize how late it was getting or the cold at all. The folks from Trinidad, well they definitely felt the cold a little bit still, but in their hearts, it was all fire, warmth and love.

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