National Park Elopement Photography

National Park Elopement Photography at Grand Canyon

I’ve lived at Grand Canyon for over 10 years. I finally created the kind of business that I’ve always wanted. Though National Park elopement photography at Grand Canyon is the top of my list, I am starting to offer my photography services in all of the national parks. I live here at the park but I may be venturing off before too long.

My housing at Grand Canyon is tied to my partner and his job with the National Park Service. In current times, Grand Canyon has suffered a lot of hardships, massive scandals and executive-level bullying. We’ve been without a regular superintendent for years now. The current administration isn’t making it any easier and the parks are greatly in danger of being privatized, mined and exploited.

In such chaotic times for our public lands, it’s even more important to be kind to them. to patron them and to believe in their magic. There is nothing more beautiful than a proposal or an elopement on the edge of the wilderness; the last undeveloped frontier, a place not marred by man.

Elopement photo sessions and epic adventure proposals aren’t for everyone. However, I am no longer interested in serving everyone. I want to work with the adventurous couples looking for something different. I plan to raise my rates, put more effort into creating an adventure elopement or proposal. With enough time and care we can do it right, leave no trace and play up the magic of the national parks.

I will scope out the perfect location for you, research the light at various viewpoints and hikes, get the necessary permits. I’ll know all of the Park Service rules for photography so that together we can be the best stewards of the environment.

My hope is not only that these elopement photo memories will end up on your wall or in a album on your coffee table but that they reach even further. I want to share them with the world and inspire a sense of awe for our parks, stewardship and inspire donation to their nonprofit conservancies. We already love these places, let’s love them more.

Elopements and engagements, family reunions, let’s make the national parks a focus a pinnacle of our lives. Let’s inspire others to pick up litter, get a permit, donatate and love on these places a little more. With each and everyday, they are threatened. Strengthening our love for the parks and creating out most precious memories here will ensure that your family will continue to pass a legacy of stewardship onward into the future.

Please fill out a contact form to talk to me about creating your amazing elopement at any National Park.

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