Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer

Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer

I remember the first time that someone asked me to photograph a surprise engagement proposal. I was a little clunky about designing it, but it worked and of course she said yes. I think I have photographed at least 30 proposals now, maybe more, but each and everyone is a unique adventure. Today, I am definitely a surprise engagement proposal photographer.

As I move toward moving away from Grand Canyon, I’m looking to create these epic surprise proposal photos across the nation and maybe even internationally :o. I need to keep saying it outloud so that I can really realize this dream and make it fact.

As I wandered around Death Valley with my friend Alex, I could see endless possibilities in surprise proposal photography. There are so many locations on trails around the crater, or gorgeous sunsets in the sand dunes surrounded by purple and pink mountains. The supply of epic engagement proposals is endless at Death Valley National Park and before too long, I will spend a couple months each winter here making incredible images.

All of the national parks offer up such amazing vistas, views, sunsets and experiences for your hungry eyeballs, and maybe the hungry heart. These kinds of experiences are actually all around us. If you look a little closer into any landscape, dig a little deeper, and you can find adventure in our public lands, state parks and enough to create a modest surprise proposal or maybe a proposal on a grander scale. Whichever you decide, get a photographer.

I can’t stress enough how important it is tho have these photos. This is one amazing day where your life changes forever and this milestone means so much more when the memories start to fade and the photographs remain. Investing in a surprise engagement proposal photographer, is truly important. It’s not just for you, or them but like elopement photos, it’s your one way to share this experience with your friends and family.

Looking at these photos and reliving the moment as the father-in-law to be or for grandma, is a very powerful experience and you should hire a surprise engagement proposal photographer to help deliver the surprise proposal experience to your finance to be but also to help convey, share and deliver the proposal experience for your friends and family to celebrate.

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