Secret Alternatives to Antelope Slot Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Elopement photography

Antelope Slot Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Elopement photography – Locations that are similar slot canyons and overlooks without the crowds. Antelope Canyon Weddings

Recently, a headline caught the attention of photographers, adventure seekers and Instagram bucket list keepers. The title of the article I saw was, “No More Photo-Only Tours at Upper Antelope Canyon”. So many people want antelope canyon weddings. I was shocked and watched the panic spread amongst all of the adventure elopement photographers as posts went up about the issue all over the groups we all belong to. I wasn’t worried. I love Antelope Slot Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Elopement photography.

Antelope Slot Canyon may have created a name for itself in more recent years, but guess what? It isn’t the ONLY slot canyon around. In fact, it isn’t even one of the more spectacular canyons that I’ve ever been in. I have canyoneered into many amazing slot canyons over the years, and believe me, I get the appeal. I see the appeal in being here, shooting here and offering a wilderness experience that inspires our clients in places like these.

What can be done about the ban on photography at Antelope Canyon?

There is no need to worry about the limit on photography at Antelope Canyon because there are so many experiences like this to be had in the Page Arizona area. Lake Powell offers many such coves and canyon by way of a paddle or rented speed boat. There are slot canyons where you can explore and not see a soul, and slot canyons you can even be married in. As it turns out, these places that have become so instagram famous, might not be worth visiting at all, they are just the only ones people read about and they want what experience they see in others photos, little do they know that it’s not really the nature experience that they might think of it as.

Today, Antelope Slot Canyon, both upper and lower, is an experience that is reminiscent of standing in line at disney world. Is that the experience that you want for yourself ? This summer I spent a lot of time researching alternatives to the Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Slot Canyon tours that clients ask me about. Antelope is now closed to photo tours, so I’m glad that I spent the time looking for new places to provide clients with a quiet wilderness experience.

There are ways to paddle into slot canyons, to explore the slickrock/redrock shoreline of Lake Powell, to enjoy Horseshoe Bend without the crowds and a million other ideas for elopement locations, activities, photo opps, rad airbnb or houseboat options that will still leave your elopement feeling like the unique desert wedding experience of your dreams.

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