Surprise Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Surprise Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Wow. I have so so many things to share. I was gone nearly a month and worried about my business, I asked Florals by SarahKay to help me out. I knew that she would be a great addition to my team and at Grand Canyon National Park.

When we got ot the takeout, I wasn’t eager to get back to the internet but eager to call my new assistant and I walked to the top of a little hill where I was able to call on Verizon’s 1x signal.

SarahKay had booked me for a #surpriseproposal only one full day from my takeout date. I was anxious to talk with Alvaro but didn’t end up having any reliable signal until late in the afternoon of the next day, only one day from his surprise proposal. Knowing that he would already be with his fiance to be and on their way to #GrandCanyon, I emailed him the plan instead of calling him. Surprise Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon National Park are my favorite of all <3

We got lucky and it worked. We met at the location, it was crazy cold and windy and I thought about the time on the river that I was sorely missing but thankful not to be on the cold water in any wind like this. I was still feeling a bit between worlds, so to speak and it felt odd to see people again. I was even anxious for the meet up with Alvaro.

The plan worked perfectly and I watched as Alvaro asked Melinda to be his forever, I saw the tears and stood in their moment and felt all the feels. I was having some feelings of my own and it was amazing to be in this energy space with them.

When I walked over to greet them, I had no idea who I would be. The last month on the river, I was a different person than my usual energetic and outgoing self, I was quiet and contemplative. I’ve never been called quiet before.

As I greeted them, I could see myself like the pages of a coloring book begin to fill in, I turned back into the self most know and was warm, talkative and interested in learning all about them. I briefly “toured” them around telling them about all thing Grand Canyon that I usually share with my work as a guide. I felt connected to them and to this space and the moment and I hope that these photos will help them hold on to the Grand Canyon magic, I’ve come to cherish like a drug.

Propose at Grand Canyon!Photography by Terri

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