Tough Florals for any Adventure Elopement

I am working on expanding my adventure elopement business and bringing in my friend and artist, Sarah Kay. Sarah Kay is a tough lady who lived in Yosemite National Park and has a lot of experience making floral arrangements for elopements and officiating for small mountain and desert weddings.

When I asked her to step in and make some adventure-ready, hardy floral arrangements for elopements that could be hiked with and that were resilient to the elements, she outdid herself. She is working on creating different bouquets that we can test out in the field.

Recently, Sarah Kay Florals helped me with an elopement at the South Rim of Grand Canyon. This time we used real florals which might not work out as well as her creations with high quality faux flowers. The faux flowers look and feel real and they handle very well.

Sarah Kay really listened to Ariana about who she was and what she wanted to incorporate into her wedding. Ariana lost her mother recently and Sarah Kay worked hard to incorporate her mother’s favorite color and flowers into her design to provide beautiful sentimental touches for Ariana.

Sarah Kay Florals really excels at bringing in personal touches. Asking for family heirlooms, the couples story or significance natural elements to incorporate into the bouquet itself, she helps visually create that special something in each creation. Because elopements are usually smaller affairs with less people, these bouquets could include a locket with photos of people who have passed or people unable or not invited to attend. She wants to spend the time with each bride to really help make these important connections in the adventure bouquet.

After a bouquet like this is used, it can be made into anything. It can be framed, it can be made into everyday hair clips, christmas ornaments or more. With a hardy bouquet we can save bits an pieces for heirlooms of your own.

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