National Park Elopement Photo Levels up with Pinterest and a New Website

I am also a part-time guide for the Grand Canyon Conservancy but also offer guiding for my adventure elopement photography clients. That being said, its March and it’s about to get really busy in Northern Arizona. March always marks the end of the slow winter season here where tourism is so important. Usually we are all ready to get back to work, but I hibernated this winter trying to build my adventure elopement photography business before Spring Break and I’m just about ready.

The Grand Canyon is about to explode with spring break visitors and this quiet space is closing in on me. I went on a 25-day river trip this winter, photographed and helped plan an amazing Tucson/ Saguaro National Park elopement, was published in People Magazine, volunteered in Zion National Park, hiked with my dog and a fulfilled less glamorous work need including backend photo website work and I set up Pinterest.

building adventure elopement photography business with pintereset

With spring break just around the corner, I am spending a lot of time connecting with other people, getting my other guiding schedule in place and being ready for the elopement requests to come in. In Arizona, there might not be much of a reason to break in the winter. I’m glad that I had the space this time but next year I’m looking to shoot more in Sedona, Saguaro, Bisbee, Tombstone and all of the beautiful warm little towns in Southern Arizona, never mind my favorite, Death Valley. Send me your western-themed desert mountain wedding and elopements – I’m ready to be your elopement photo.

It’s 2020 now and I used my winter break to revamp my website. I am still working on a brand overhaul. I’m skipping the family photos and becoming an elopement and proposal expert. I want to be your specialist. I feel like focusing in on one type of portrait photography is what I need to do to build a destinatination elopement travel and guiding business and in that I’m assembling a list of vendors, officiants, floral, assistants and backup photographers.

Before and after for Photography by Terri, now National Park Elopement Photography by Terri Attridge.



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