Devil’s Bridge Sedona Surprise Proposal

Very recently another photographer asked me if I could help her out with photographing a surprise engagement proposal in Sedona. I drove to Sedona at 3am and hiked up to the Devil’s Bridge in the darkness.

It was amazing, for a while I sat in the darkness waiting for the couple to arrive and watching as the sun slowly illuminated the bridge in front of me. Soon enough, the couple arrived and the proposal took place, without any specktators. This is a really unusual thing, as Devil’s Bridge is usually a squirely mess of people swarming about and waiting to take their photos. I was really happy to be there that morning and to have it to ourselves.

I don’t often work in sedona and though I’ve shot a few elopements in Sedona, this was. my first. time photographing a surprise engagement proposal in Sedona.

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Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

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