How do you decide where to stand for a surprise engagement proposal?

Does the couple know where to stand for a surprise engagement proposal?

Knowing the Light and Seasons at Grand Canyon

I usually pick a viewpoint that I’ve spent a lot of time scouting. The light changes from location to location different times of the year. There are often a lot of viewpoints at Grand Canyon that are difficult to work with. At many locations at the South Rim, it’s very difficult to see the sun set over the canyons edge. There is almost nowhere to hide in the desert. With this in mind, it’s harder to create a nice soft light no matter where you stand for a surprise engagement proposal. Because I’ve lived at Grand Canyon on and off since 2009. I know all of the locations well enough to help plan the perfect proposal.

Picking the Viewpoint

Choosing a location that is visited but less so than other viewpoints at Grand Canyon leaves. the surprise to be intimate. My whole plan hinges on me being able to blend in and appear just as any other tourist, these days, with a camera around my neck. I used to choose where to stand for a surprise engagement session in advance. What I realized was that sometimes that wouldn’t work and another visitor might be “parked in” for sunset in the location that I’d planned in advance. This caused the proposer to become even more nervous and have to improvise.

Planning the Perfect Proposal

Most people proposing at Grand Canyon don’t know the landscape very well. Somewhat even more surprising to me is that they’ve never been to Grand Canyon and have no idea where to stand for their surprise engagement proposal.

Usually, I am at the location very early. I am waiting in my car and they know the make and model of my car, as I do theirs. I see them pull in and. Deliberately walking past them, I hope they see me. I will usually look a bit like a tourist myself, looking at my phone and keeping an eye out to make sure they see where I am headed. “Leading” them to where to stand for their surprise engagement proposal, they follow me. I take a few selfies and walk away. That’s their indication to move into that location and propose 🙂

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