Elope Grand Canyon – 3 Step Guide (no particular order)

1.Permits – Elope Grand Canyon

Weddings at Grand Canyon National Park require a permit and although you cannot host a wedding in any non-permitted location, we are allowed to take photos in wedding attire in other locations 🙂

Wedding Locations

There are several permitted wedding locations, each with their own merits to elope Grand Canyon. Some places see a better sunrise or sunset and some the sun is in the trees casting odd shadows. In come cases, there are big beautiful rocks to sit on close to the rim, and in some places not at all. Although I’ve been taking photos in Grand Canyon for over 10 years, I still think it’s the hardest landscape to shoot portraits in.

All of the permitted wedding locations have different aspects about them and depending on the season, weather trends, visitation,will depend on what location you want to ask for on the permit.

Wedding Permit Application

Before you apply for a permit -Wait for me, I would love to help out fill out your permit as customized by what location works best for the time of year you are looking at and other activities that you may want to include.

Part of my service is looking for immersive opportunities that are more like experiences and sharing the canyon with people, as I would a friend visiting my hometown. I love to take, able and willing, couples down these little secret local trails near to the viewpoint but out of public view.

If you still don’t trust me and need to see those locations…. here, ya go… go google earth crazy :p…trust my on-the-ground insight 🙂


I bet you didn’t know that when you contact a photographer, these days, you are also talking to your wedding planner.

Not only do we want to connect with you and experience this magical day with you. We want it to be inspirational, to photograph and to you, made for you. We have ideas for making your day about being in the present moment, really ‘in it’.

Everything that we are doing is about creating an experience in nature, with ceremony pieces that honor your commitment in the adventure of life together.

Planning Details

Wedding officiant We love working with Nomadic Love Nuptials, Sarah Kay(a different one!). She is a fantastic officiant serving all over the southwestern states.

Photography (well wouldn’t it be silly if I didn’t recommend myself here?) I know this particular location so well that I think you would be missing out in going with anyone else. That might sound a little rude, but I very truly know this landscape in a way other photographers would never be able to. I lived here for so many years and have scoured around easy and difficult places to get to. To know a place as intimately as I know THIS place, is really my greatest honor.

Florals Sarah Kay is so much more than florals. She incorporates elements you would never know you needed. From hidden lockets, to color choices, favorite flowers or sea glass bountionner, these florals are the epitome of “custom”. She has this gift of figuring out the important things about you as a person and learning your story, she can magically weave in a family member that isn’t present but important, nod to your past, a wish for the future and a silent reminder of the love.

3. Witnesses

The absolute smallest elopement needs to include the wedding couple, an officiant, and two witnesses.

With my team, I and Sarah Kay serve as the witness. I use Sarah Kay’s help during the wedding ceremony and charge and assistance fee for it. She is the wedding angel that you had no idea you needed. Magically, she will pull solutions to problems out of her Mary Poppins bag of tricks, help you with your hair or dress during and hold the bouquet out of the way, when needed.

Well, that was pretty easy 😉 Now I just need to find someone to marry me 😛 Let’s go – Elope Grand Canyon

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