Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal Photographer

Being a Grand Canyon engagement proposal photographer is my most favorite thing EVER. I never knew how amazing it could be to help organize and witness these events. Nevermind the joy in photographing an engagement proposal in action. I started doing mostly proposal photography back in 2014. Over the years, its really developed into my specialty.

Usually proposers ask me how everything works… will I hide in the bushes in camouflage?

How does a Grand Canyon engagement proposal work?

No! I don’t dress in camo! ahahaha

Every national park is different for how the engagement proposal planning will work. One thing is the same, I hide in plain sight. It’s really easy to walk around Grand Canyon with a camera around my neck, looking like tourist. But, no one suspects that I am a Grand Canyon engagement proposal photographer. So many people are out walking around with nice cameras these days. However, I worry more about other people stepping in to “help”. Sometimes , this happens when they notice what’s going on.

Usually, I have my wits about me and am watching the flow of visitation. With my eyes on the tourists, I am watching. I am looking see if they might become an obstacle for where I plan to shoot the proposal on that day. If necessary, I will slip past a group and quietly tell them what I am up to. Telling them that I’m a Grand Canyon engagement proposal photographer, they are excited. Soon they understand. Sometimes, its understood that I am planning to shoot a surprise proposal just beyond where they are standing. Most times, They are happy to give me the space.

Stewardship in being a Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal Photographer

Because the mission of the park service is to preserve the visitor experience for each and every person, I don’t need to jump in. Rarely, do I find myself whispering about the proposal I am going to be photographing. But, just recently, I found myself doing that.

First, I walk into the location I chose for the proposal to take place. Next, I pretend to take a few selfies and walk away. Then, that is the proposal couples indication to move into the space.

Recently, in-between my walking away and before the proposal couple came to take my place, I passed a couple of people walking into the location. Whispering to them, I altered them as to my plans. Luckily, they were happy to accommodate me.

Because stewardship being very important to me, I never spend too much time in any one spot as to preserve everyone’s experience. This also helps me preserve the experience of my clients ad make sure that they aren’t the center of attention or on display. I want to help create meaningful intimate moment.

About Me

I moved to Grand Canyon in 2009 but I’ve always been a photographer. Picking up a book called “Delaying the Real World”, I took on a job at Grand Canyon. Hiking every trail on the South Side of Grand Canyon, I’ve been on the river twice and once for 28 consecutive days. Grand Canyon is apart of me now. I’ve almost never looked back except for pizza, bagels, cannoli, the little Red Mill and hugs with certain people 🙂

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