How to Take Wedding Photos in Rocky Mountain National Park With the Timed Reservation System

Are the national parks being loved to death? What is the timed reservation system? Well these days, people have really flocked to out national parks, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a private wedding or take elopement photos at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Timed Reservation System

Between May 28 and October 1, in addition to your national parks pass (*see below), a reservation will be required to enter Rocky Mountain National Park. Permits are go on sale online. Once you have a timed permit, you may enter within 2 hours of the araciality.

Two permit types to choose from

As if all of this isn’t confusing enough, there are two different kinds of permit reservations.

  1. Bear Lake Road Corridor permit is necessary from 5am to 6pm but is NOT necessary before 5am or after 6pm. With this reservation you can access the Bear Lake Road as well as the Bear Lake Road Corridor
  2. The rest of Rocky Mountain National Park (excluding Bear Lake Road Corridor) requires a permit for access 9am-3pm

Getting around the timed entry at Rocky Mountain National Park is easy. Although you can’t get married in a non-permitted wedding location, you can take photos in your wedding clothing anywhere that you like.  All you need to do is get a photo permit.

Photo Permits suffice for entry to the park- no timed entry pass needed!

Photo permits can be easy to get and act as you park pass, or ticket into the national park. Photo permits are easily available online and can be obtained by your photographer, even last minute. You photographer will need proof of insurance in order to apply for the permit and a fee of $50 which is cheap in contrast to other parks.

Unlike the timed entry pass, your permit will allow you to enter before sunrise, stay until after sunset and take elopement photos anywhere that you like, provided that you are a good steward and abide by the rules of the park.

The mission of the park service is to preserve and protect these spaces exactly as they have always been. So, this means when we are out taking out beautiful wedding photos, we need to be mindful of the visitor experience.

Just because we have a permit doesn’t mean we can ask other visitors to move out of the way for our wedding photos. We can’t trample vegetation, go off trail or even play music. Even the soundscape is a protected part of the landscape and cannot be altered or changed in anyway during wedding photos at Rocky Mountain National Park.

**National Parks Passes and fees***

Qualifying Park Passes and Entrance Fees Include

Rocky Mountain National Park Entrance Fees and Pass

  • 1-Day Pass – Automobile – $25
  • 1-Day Pass – Per Person – $15
  • 1-Day Pass – Motorcycle – $25
  • Rocky Mountain National Park Annual Pass – $70

America the Beautiful Passes

  • Annual – $80
  • Every Kid in a Park Annual 4th Grade Pass – Free to 4th Graders
  • Annual Pass for Military – Free
  • Annual or Lifetime Senior Pass – $20 or $80
  • Access Pass – Free
  • Volunteer Pass – Free

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