Rainy Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal

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Wowzers. What a crazy night for a rainy Grand Canyon engagement proposal!

Jake and I talked about monsoon weather before his proposal I always day, I shoot rain or shine but not lighting. Still, I don’t usually have to worry about the rain while photographing engagements.

“It’s better for the photos.”, I said, “Makes for colorful sunset for the the backdrop of the rainy Grand Canyon engagement proposal. The storms usually come in the afternoon and blow over before sunset.”

….. fast forward to Jake calling me from the composting toilet at the Grandview point. I asked if he was available for sunrise the following day and since they were not, we decided to go for it.

We are so lucky that though the storm, and heavy rain, that we were able to see the grand canyon at all. This is a wild place, full of adventure and unpredictability, the perfect start to their life together ❤ Congratulations, again!

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Grand Canyon Weather

Grand Canyon weather can be unpredictable. I’ve seen snow, rain and hail on my Grand Canyon engagement proposal. Still I’ll take photos of these couples in their moment even if it isn’t the perfect weather. I think these moments are really supposed to say true in their authenticity. Though I check the Grand Canyon weather forecast, I think we should care a little bit more about the genuine moment of the engagement proposal than the photography of the event.

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I’ve been living in Northern Arizona and Grand Canyon specifically for over twelve years. I try to share the way I love this place in photography. But I love a lot of other national parks and public lands too. I am available as an adventure elopement photography in any national park. I would love to capture small weddings in the mountains, deserts, ocean shore and more.

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