Michael and Christina – Shoshone Point Grand Canyon Proposal

I learned of Michael and his proposal plans only the afternoon before this sunrise Grand Canyon Proposal.

Christina and Michael were already doing some big things and he wanted to add this surprise engagement proposal at a national park to top it off. They were leaving the east coast, New York, and on their way to a new life in Portland Oregon. What an amazing journey already but to add this, made my heart sing. I connected with him right away. His matchless enthusiasm reminded me of myself and my own journey out west 12 years ago. I already felt connected to them and wanted to offer them something different than my regular secret proposal.

I told him about Shoshone Point at Grand Canyon, which once was a local secret. Years ago, it was written about on Trip Advisor and the secret spoiled for the local people. But what I found recently, is the early bird get the worm and most mornings at sunrise, you can still have this space and a private moment to yourself.

I started the walk out there a little bit before 4:30 am, by headlamp, and made it to the picnic area pretty early. I sat and watched as the stars disappeared, and the sun began to glow over the horizon line. Finally I saw our Christina and Michael making their way down the trail to the engagement proposal location. Michael even said good morning to me at a distance, so I was pretty sure it was them.

I let them get a head start down the trail and then slowly followed behind. The point itself was super windy yesterday morning. I hoped they would still feel comfortable with a proposal there. I holed up just down the trail for them.

My phone service worked at that point. I sent him a text to say wait a little bit its still too dark. He let me know that he had a apple watch and would wait until I told him go.The light finally got bright enough to use my camera and I text him. It didn’t work.

I went up the path for better service and sent it and watched the moment unfold – a Shoshone Point engagement proposal in action. Afterward I rushed over to greet them and say hello. They were both the nicest people and I connected with them immediately. I hope it’s not the last time that I see them and wish them all the best on their Oregon adventure. Congratulations on this beautiful Grand Canyon Proposal!

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