Getting Married at the Red Mill – Clinton New Jersey Wedding

Well, this blog might seem a little out of place. Most of the locations I usually talk about are national parks, but the town of Clinton New Jersey is very near and dear to my heart. Part of my heart will always live in this place. It’s not just because this is where I grew up and created a lot of memories. I wouldn’t mind getting married at the Red Mill – Clinton New Jersey Wedding, myself 🙂

My hometown, Clinton New Jersey

Clinton is so much more to me than my hometown. It’s a historic place, a picturesque place, and home of the Red Mill. My sister was married at the Red Mill, but my relationship with this place started long before that. The Red Mill is the symbol of the town of Clinton New Jersey. Tons of people are drawn to it’s iconic image. Photographer’s are inspired by this piece of history, even out in Arizona. I often come across photos of the Red Mill online.

Quick to up and leave my hometown, inspired by images of the southwest, the mill never left me. I still think of the mill today. Often I am flooded with emotion when I see beautiful winter or fall image of the mill. My parents still reside in Clinton. Straight away, upon arriving back home in New Jersey, I ask to go to the mill. Even before going home to my parents home, I ask them to take me “downtown” to see the mill.

Summer Visit to the Red Mill Museum

This recent trip is no different at all. Before I arrived, my mom helped me by going to the mill. She helped ask all the necessary questions. I needed photo permit to shoot some family photos there. Unfortunately, most of my week back in New Jersey, it rained. I took only my sister’s family photos there. It is very fitting as it they got married at the Red Mill. I only hope to shoot a wedding there myself someday soon.

Meeting the executive director, Paul, on the day of the famous rubber ducky race in Clinton. Decided to join the Red Mill Museum as a corporate member, I hope to take photos there. I want to help to support the Red Mill Museum. Wishing to return to New Jersey more often and photograph weddings at the Red Mill.

I’ve long envisioned a life where I could be in NJ more often. Covid-times only made me realize so much more how precious life is, and the people in it. Never more do I feel a draw to be able to see my family more often. I’d like to know my niece and let her know who I am. As much as I love Arizona, there is no denying how much Clinton New Jersey lives in my heart and always will. Arizona has nothing on the pizza, bagels, cannoli and subs from New Jersey 😛

So, if you know of anyone getting married at the Red Mill, I’m your gal 🙂

Getting Married at the Red Mill – What you need to know

The Red Mill Museum is amazing for weddings! As a photographer, I love to explore behind the mill where there are several historic buildings, the river and a stone quarry. Photo possibilities are endless, and I know because my sister got married there. I enjoyed being apart of the group and loved watching the photographer work, taking us around to all of the beautiful historic buildings.

How many people are allowed?

If you are getting married at the Red Mill, you can have up to 175 people in attendance. But luckily, you don’t need to choose between friends and family. The cost is not per person, but a flat fee $3,200 to rent the site. The site rental includes private access to the grounds and historic buildings during your wedding. Includes: a space to use as a bridal suite, access to the site for set up and clean up the day before and after, rehearsal time the afternoon before your wedding, and restrooms for guests.

Special additions

You can create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests. Hire one of the Red Mill Museum’s blacksmiths to do demonstrations during your reception!

Some Things to Consider

  1. Currently, the Red Mill Museum is only available for weddings on Saturdays.
  2. Arrangements for tents, chairs, tables, linens, catering, etc. must be made separately.

Logistics for Getting Married at the Red Mill


The preferred catering company for getting married at the Red Mill is Culinary Creations. They look amazing and their offerings are several pages long found here.


At the Red Mill Museum, they can accommodate up to 50 cars, on-site in the back of the property. But, for elderly guests and guests with mobility needs, there are few spaces in the front of the property that can be reserved.


You will need to file a fire safety permit and a tent permit with the Town of Clinton no later than 2 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Lodging in the Town of Clinton

If you are staying at one of the area hotels, you can take advantage of their shuttle service. Both the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn can provide shuttles for your guests.

In conclusion, the Red Mill Museum is the perfect small venue for your wedding in New Jersey. Don’t hesitate to contact me for photography or planning. I can help answer all of your questions about getting married at the Red Mill in Clinton New Jersey.

About me

I currently live in Flagstaff and Grand Canyon Arizona but am very connected to New Jersey. Though left living out east for several years, I am looking to come back. Photographers are more mobile now than ever and that’s the type of business I look to creating for myself. I work with a team of people who can help create and plan tiny weddings and meaningful elopements. Because all that I want to do is stand in your love and help document it for all.

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