Soul Bonding Ceremony instead of Wedding?

Sedona Arizona Elopement Ideas

What if Marriage isn’t Right For you? Alternatives to Wedding Ceremony 

To some folks, marriage isn’t the answer. But that does not mean that they are any less willing to commit to another person. The word “wedding and marriage”, can sometimes send people running for the door. However, some of those same people are happy to reaffirm their love for each other in a ceremony of a different kind.

 Alternative Commitment Ceremonies like a Soul-bonding Ceremony

When I first learned of a soul-bonding ceremony it was from friend Kim, who works for Sedona Mystical Tours. Spirituality is something that doesn’t always come with tradition, or familial obligation. 

Some people believe in their connectedness to others at large, the collective. But also maybe one other soul in particular. I really love honoring people and their beliefs. Embracing love for each other in a unique way, in ceremony, is a highlight of planning elopements. Not every elopement ceremony suffices for every person.

Our Commitment to Each Other, the Collective and the Universe

Everything is interconnected, life exists beyond our idea of it. We are connected to all of life throughout the universe. Creating ceremonies that speak to the couples spirituality is our jam. It seems fitting to help create wedding/soul bonding ceremonies out in nature, and the stars.

Sedona is the location for your Alternative Wedding, a Soul-bonding Ceremony

This ceremony speaks to the belief that we are connected to the plants and the stones, just as they are connected to the stars and the moon. 

Sedona might be my favorite location idea, for a soul bonding ceremony. But, also a great location to include the night sky. It’s important, speaking to our connectedness to the universe surrounding us. The ceremony will be surrounded by nature.

Soul-bonding Planner and Photographer 

Sunset and astrophotography will be included in the bonding ceremony. We can unite the couple from sunset and into the night. It will be different than a more traditional wedding ceremony. 

Sound Healing and Meditation on your Wedding day/ Soul-bonding Ceremony

People might enjoy a soul-bonding ceremony with Tibetan bowls. We can mediate or guide a meditation and offer a wedding picnic of delicious foods. We can hike to a quiet location, away from other tourists. I have some sedona locations in mind. They will allow for an undisturbed connection to the earth and each other. 

Different blessings can be offered by local Sedona shamans. Sedona Mystical Tour’s guides can help with ceremony pieces. The energy of the soul bonding ceremony location can be cleansed. We will bless it for the setting of the unity between two loving partners.

In Conclusion

If you long for the energetic bond between each other to be bonded or committed, we can help create the space. Creating the ceremonial elements and practicing different ceremony, we want to plan for you. Because, you should celebrate your love and commitment in a way that is authentic to you. You don’t need to do a traditional wedding.

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