Wedding Photos at Grand Canyon

Sebastian and Alexandra planned for a wedding in Colombia but covid prevented them from having it. They got married in a courthouse and decided to spend what they had left on a vacation. They decided to take some wedding photos at Grand Canyon to commemorate their marriage and celebrate it.

Sebastian asked me if I could take some wedding photos at grand canyon, but I was confused. When I asked him about Alexandra’s dress, he knew nothing. I wanted to know, because sometimes it’s hard to move around in a large dress and that might change my ideas about what location to go to. Surprised that they were already married but he never saw her dress, we moved forward making plans.

They had a simple legal wedding. Sebastian never saw the dress because they never dressed up, so they decided to take wedding photos at

Grand Canyon. I text back and forth with Alexandra and asked her if she wanted to try a “first look photo”… she was ecstatic.. but how would we do it? They would be traveling in the same car together. I offered up one idea of coming together in regular clothing and I would walk Sebastian away from her and then help her get into her wedding dress.

She decided to wear it in the car but sat in the back seat to hide it from him ❤. When they arrived, I walked Sebastian out to the location and then went to escort Alexandra. They reached for each others hand, and Sebastian turned around. It was beautiful and we took photos into the sunset.

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