Congratulations to Josh and Jen!

I was really excited when Josh reached out to me, asking me to take his Grand Canyon proposal photo and even more excited when he told me that he saw my blog about my hometown, Clinton NJ and that they lived very nearby ❤

Planning a Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal

We started talking over the summer and on August 23rd, Josh let me know that he received the blessing from Jen’s dad, all was a go and we started proposal planning.

The canyon has been really interesting. Even without international tourism, it’s seemed busy to me leading into fall. Usually, this is a quiet time, most visitors are hiking below the rim, leaving viewpoints a little more desolate than usual. This particular season seems different, busier just a bit.

I spend a lot of time up at the canyon, nearly every other day. I visit with friends, guide tours and shoot Grand Canyon proposal photo and general portraits. It gives me a lot of opportunity to see what visitation looks like on any given day and also have some flexibility with editing a proposal plan, if necessary.

What is the Best Place to Propose at the Grand Canyon?

For this Grand Canyon proposal photo, I chose an unmarked viewpoint for this proposal. It’s a spot that I know well. Hardly anyone ever “parks it in” here for sunset and most often people drive by gazing out of the window, without ever parking, especially in this chillier weather.

I sat in the parking lot wayyyy early waiting for them to arrive. In that time, I saw this spot look many different ways and though seemingly busier at times, no one stayed for long. In the hour that I waited, there were many times that I was the only one. Just at the time Josh and Jen were due to arrive, 2 sprinter vans loaded with people spilled out in front of me. Mortified.

My plans always hing on sticking to the plan as there is often no service at Grand Canyon. This was a little different. I want Josh to have a heads up so I tried texting him but they arrived at the very same time that I hit send.

I always tell proposers not to get to caught up in the photos. No matter what, I will get the shot. Making a big point of it, telling them that the real point is the proposal. “Stay in this authentic moment, be present and be in that moment. It’s more important to HAVE the moment than it is to have the perfect photo.”, even true to my opinion. So he listened 🙂

Josh found a little corner of earth away from the other visitors and the moment broke loose. As it was happening, I was getting closer and closer to them but Jen was so encapsulated in the moment that she didn’t seem to notice at all. It was all so beautiful and we spent the rest of the evening meandering around the canyon and slipping off on secret trails below the rim. I am so excited to make this connect with folks from NJ and I plan to take their photos in November in NJ too 🙂+4

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