How to Have a Horseshoe Bend Wedding

There are two ways to get married at Horseshoe Bend. Chances are, you’ve heard of this popular location, and maybe you wondered how to have a Horseshoe Bend Wedding. In fact, it was only more recently that anyone would be searching for a Horseshoe Bend wedding. It’s crazy there now, and it blew up quickly and is full of arizona photographers and instagrammers today. Still there are ways to get away and, in some cases, photoshop other visitors out.

Horseshoe Bend Wedding DIY National Monument Area

This area requires a permit for any elopement at the bend BUT you are allowed to take photos in your wedding clothing without a permit. Adventure wedding portraits are getting really popular these day but my team also helps host weddings.

We are a woman-owned business made up of a photographer (Hi!), a florist, officiant and videographer. We travel all around the state of Arizona and have shot weddings at other national parks in the country.

Location, location, location:

Though Horseshoe Bend is an iconic location, it might not be the most private place for a ceremony. I remember when there was just a small hiking sign and no one really knew anything about this place. Now, all of it’s changed for better or for worse.

How to:

Step 1 – choose a day and time ***

*** I always recommend sunset for Horseshoe Bend as with the bend behind you, sunrise is in your eyes and will cause harsher lighting conditions for portraiture as well as potential squinting and face squeezing 😛 . In choosing a day for a place known to be as popular as this, weekdays work well. Stay away from holiday weekends for the best chance to have a private moment here***

Step 2 – secure a permit

Step 2 – an officiant, photographer/planner

Step 3 – be prepared to walk one mile to the view of the bend

Horseshoe Bend Tours, Private Tour to the Horseshoe Bend on Navajo Land

I like to jump on tours with these guys because they take you to a slot canyon in addition to a private view of Horseshoe Bend. It’s a 3 hour tour for the sunset option, starting around 3pm.

With this tour, they allow us to wander at our own free will to take photos in both the slot canyon and at Horseshoe Bend. They do private sunset tours for about $1,200 (I think 10-12 seats) and individual seats on a sunset tour at about $150 each.

Other adventure photography ideas for full-day photography packages

Paddling into Lower Antelope Canyon:

From the Antelope Point Marina, It’s a 3 mile paddle to Antelope Canyon. Because the water in the lake is pretty low right now, there is a lot more of the slot canyon to explore than ever before.

It can sometimes take a little bit longer to get to the Antelope canyon, if the big boats are already on the water creating wake/waves. The best time to get out there is earlier in the morning before 8am, to have the easiest time paddling. At the fastest, it would take 1 hour to get out there but it’s best to plan for up to two and at least one to two hours exploring and taking photos. We should plan on meeting at the boat ramp at Lake Powell at 8am or slightly before.

Once there, we have a lot of opportunity for private moments in the canyon. You can get a permit to have an elopement here. Ask me.

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