My Top Pick for a Rustic NJ Wedding Location

This might seem a little out of character for me, sure it’s not a national park but the Red Mill Museum in Clinton New Jersey is an important place to me personally. It’s one that I want to celebrate and photograph with wedding photography. My sister was married here, too. In fact, Geoff proposed to her on the bridge. The bridge with the Red Mill in the background.

There are some beautiful places just on Main Street in Clinton to take wedding photos, for a small elopement. However, if you need a venue space to accommodate a full wedding party and guests, I might make a recommendation. Both the Hunterdon County Art Museum and Red Mill Museum are a good idea. They offer a larger venue space to accommodate guests and a wedding reception.

#1 Pick The Red Mill Clinton NJ Wedding

Cost – $3,500 flat fee, $250 security deposit at least paid one month in advance *$1,000 due with signed contract to hold the date. The final $2,200 payment and $250 security deposit are due no later than 30 days prior to the wedding date*

Other Fees – $200 if you use the museum dumpsters for event

Dates – Reserving for Saturdays currently(excluding mid-September until the first week of November yearly)

Attendees – Accommodates 150-175!

Ceremony – The location that ceremony takes place with the same view as the above photo shows. It’s on the riverside framed nicely by two willow trees. It has a great view of the bridge and the town of Clinton.

Reception – Receptions are staged in the quarry area and have access to electricity.

The Grounds – My favorite part about working at the Red Mill Museum, this past saturday, is that the historic grounds feature 12 buildings. There are lots of different facades, lighting possibilities and landscape views. I can imagine very easily taking “first-look” photos at any number of different locations on the grounds before the wedding and family photos and bridal portraits as well. I remember standing on the historic porch and having my photo taken here, as part of my sister’s wedding, as well.

Extra’s – This being a historical park, they offer a blacksmith demonstration, priced at $250.

Nitty Gritties – You are required to obtain a tent permit and safety permit with the town of Clinton. 2 weeks beforehand.

I personally vote for my #1 pick The Red Mill Clinton NJ Wedding.

#1 Hunterdon Art Museum

Ambiance -Stone Mill offering a beautiful venue space right on the water. Just by the waterfall on the Raritan River, running through Clinton New Jersey. Today, this historic stone mill is space to the Hunterdon Art Museum.

The grounds- This space has a luscious terrace with lots of space. Expanse for dancing, eating and more. You can rent the museum AND terrace or one or the other.

Fees: Fees vary depending on date, time of day, and facility use choice.

More information.

  1. abijanephotography says:

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    I know any bride will find this so helpful! I wish there was a guide like this for every venue!

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    Ah this is so cute!! And the location feels so homey to me!

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    Great location recommendation for New Jersey!

    I am loving all the fall colors you’ve got and this location sounds absolutely perfect.

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    Lovely location it looks a perfect wedding venue.

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    What a helpful resource for this area and I love the photos!

  7. Sounds like a great place for a wedding! It also looks beautiful in the fall.

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