Engagement at Grand Canyon

Welp! It doesn’t get a whole lot better than this. I am always excited for any engagement at Grand Canyon but with weather in the forecast, I was more excited. I almost never mention the weather, as it’s always welcome to me. Not only the moisture for the earth but for the atmosphere and the energy it contributes to the moment.

Yesterday in Flagstaff, we welcomed the rain with open arms. It’s rained on and off most of the day and I felt rejuvenated. Driving up to #GrandCanyon the clouds were thick and dark but through big open pockets, I knew what was in store.

I arrived early to the point and could hardly stop myself from running out to be in and capture the amazing light as the sun rays pierced through the clouds in the sky.

The environment was super charged and it resonated with me and reflected in the energy that I felt standing watching this moment unfold. So many congratulations to Stevie and Vinnie!

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