Engagement Proposal of your Dreams

I usually try to steer people away from sunrise proposals (unless in Sedona!) as they are harder to orchestrate and if you aren’t a morning person, the chance to being late will affect the images and also the “ooh ahh” moment of the event. Let me help you create the engagement proposal of your dreams.

The golden light doesn’t last long, in fact sometimes as soon as the sun breaks over the horizon line, sometimes the magic is over. The light gets very harsh quickly and there is nowhere to hide from the sun in the desert.

I always worry a little bit about these. I plan the proposal for the open light before the sun even rises, so I can use the magic light to shoot the portraits thereafter. On this particular occasion, Raymond was early! Only 10 minutes but with this kind of light 10 minutes can seem like an eternity.

The plan was to “meet” at a more popular view but walk between this spot and the next more prominent viewpoint for a quiet moment. The night before Raymond was messaging me, worried about the plan. He’s saw a lot of people out the day before and worried his proposal might be crowded. I told him to trust me.

The reason people book me and pay me what they do is because I’m taking all of the guess work out of this situation for you. I’m planning your proposal for the best light. I am also looking for the best locations where you can walk away from others and have a moment to yourselves.

Sure the photography is good but what you really need is me. I’ve lived at #GrandCanyon on and off for years. I’m actually a Grand Canyon hiking guide and most weeks, I am at #grandcanyonsouthrim multiple days.

Hey- what do you care about this? Well this time I spend allows me to see visitation flows, road closures, changes to services and a lot more then a photographer from Phoenix or elsewhere who is just going to run up and one-off your photos. I’m here on the ground, all week long taking notes to make this moment all that it can be.

Trust me to help you plan the engagement proposal of your dreams. You’re not alone, we’re in it together and it’s going to be insanely beautiful, memorable and intimate.

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