An Electric Proposal at Grand Canyon

Meeting Katelyn and TJ was a real highlight. I love shooting engagement proposals at Grand Canyon. I really love crazy weather. Feeling alive, I really think standing in the electricity of this storm really did it for all of us. When we met, the storm was rolling in fast and dark. Because, TJ and Katelyn couldn’t be more into the adventure of it all, it was the most fun proposal

Lightning Danger – Monsoon Season and engagement at Grand Canyon

Before we went too far, we all agreed on lighting danger and made a plan. Next , we snapped a few photos and drove over to another viewpoint. Then, We chased the storm around and at times and because, we would see each others hair stand on end and run back toward the car. Luckily they were game for it all and could move through the landscape as quickly as I could.

Moving fast, we were able to cover a lot of territory this way and got to stand in and around the canyon with this magical wall of water falling in screens from the sky. To see the canyon in any kind of weather is such a gem of an experience that I wish you could know the way I’ve come to.

Over and over again, I know I am meant for this. Meant to shoot any epic engagement proposals at Grand Canyon. So much love to stand in the rain from a much needed monsoon with some people that only see joy in the moment just as you do.

I guess all we really want to do is feel understood and understand each other. How you weather the storm and stand in the rain are some of the elements that really make you. So says me 🙂❤️

Check this out about lighting safety.

Monsoon Weather at Grand Canyon

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