Engayged at Grand Canyon

Ah we got so lucky with this! Arizona at large doesn’t observe daylight savings time, but a small part of our state does.

Sometimes I have difficulty with clients tapping into a cell phone signal that makes it appear as if the time is different. This instance wasn’t that exactly and just a mix up! I got a text from Karen that she would see me around 7:20.

I checked in to see if we got our lines crossed. We quickly realized she was going to arrive at that time, so close to sunset. I waited anxiously and they arrived with just a little time to spare. The sun was a bit harsh but we got some nice clouds and then it was gone completely.

Still we shot into the night to get what we could but it didn’t matter. It was about that moment, standing in it and being immersed in it and it felt incredible. I always tell proposers to stay present and be in the moment. In the end the pictures don’t matter nearly as much as remembering being in that moment itself. I am so happy to provide services to the queer community, here’s to getting engayged at Grand Canyon. ❤️Congratulations Karen and Stephanie!

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