Grand Canyon Adventure Proposals

Welp… monsoon weather is here 😍. I almost never mention the weather to clients, I shoot rain or shine. Whatever we get is a gift. Proposals are about being in the moment. Weather like this makes me feel so so alive.

Please keep asking me about Grand Canyon adventure proposals…. not even sure if I feel like going for elopements anymore. Haven’t even told my elopement partner this… been thinking a lot about my daily life and what makes me the happiest. Thinking I might want to do more #adventureelopements with hiking and rappelling and skiing. Now, I’m not so sure lately. I love adventures for me, but a skiing wedding? Maybe with the right people or maybe I’ll keep those things just for me to enjoy with the people I love.

All I know is I mostly just love #grandcanyon. Maybe I don’t need to reach so far. I love this life so so much. Need to be near the canyon, I know that. I also know that no matter what I happens, these moments affect me profoundly. Don’t care if I ever get engaged, quite honestly. Enjoying being in your moment and all I want to do is be your #grandcanyonengagementphotographer

My life is about being present. People come and go in life and I’m just happy for whatever time I get with them. Humans are the thing that make this life worth living for me (and outdoor technical sporting, of course!). Let’s share some sunsets, let’s have some spicy type 2 adventures. Let’s stand in these moments and have gratitude for all that they are, hardships included. THIS is the life. We only get this one (that we know about, and that’s a loaded discussion for another day).

Let’s love let’s share, let’s live our our wildest dreams. Thank you for letting me stand in your moments, glimpse into your life and feel you love. Thank you for choosing me for your Grand Canyon adventure proposals! Congratulations, Aram and Micaela!

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