July Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal

Kat couldn’t be more surprised with this proposal, even if she knew it was coming all along. Everything about this is tied to emotion, this place and Arizona. Unlike some of my clients, it is THIS place, #grandcanyon that was important to them. What a beautiful July Grand Canyon engagement proposal.

When Bill and Kat were traveling back from a visit to Arizona and there was an accident on the 17. Anyone who has ever experienced this knows, it can be a painful drive sitting in gridlock but Kat and Bill chose a different path. Instead of getting caught up in the stress of it all, they decided to stop at Sunset Point instead. And That’s when they knew they would spend forever together.

Though the last time they were at Grand Canyon together was March, their love for my favorite place was evident as we walked around and took photos. Infact, they got to see the canyon with snow, which is my favorite. And Kat did her first snow Angel here too. Although, this might be a July Grand Canyon engagement proposal but I hope they come back, again and again to experience all of our wonderful seasons.

I like to say that Grand Canyon takes a pinch of you. You can take that pinch with you everywhere you go but you’ll never be yourself again until you stand here again. I think they feel the same. Thank you so much for letting me stand in your moment. All the congratulations!

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