A Proposal at Grand Canyon with an Added Surprise

Rarely is a proposal more than two people but when more are included, it really raises the energy. That’s just what I felt when Indervir and his fiancé Trashvi arrived with her sister and her partner in tow. I could tell exactly which woman was going to become his fiancé as everyone else gave me this secret knowing look during this proposal at Grand Canyon.


Leading up to the proposal, Indervir asked what would happen in the case of weather and I told him I would shoot rain or shine and that unfortunately, I was booked solidly and would have a hard time offering up any additional availability.

Well, on the day of his proposal, my concern grew as did the chance of rain in the afternoon – from 50% to 80%. So I offered up the afternoon. We checked in a few times and with so much blue still in the sky, we decided to go for it.

So lucky were we, the moment broke loose and we all celebrated for a min. I took Indervir and his new fiancé Trashvi away for some photos while her sister sneaked away to the car to get another surprise ready.

Surprise #2

Indervir had brought along a giant red flowing dress! It was his idea that after the proposal she would change and we would get some epic shots.

The wind was insane at almost 50mph and I opted not to put her too close to any edges for fear that it would pull her over the edge like a parachute. Wind (the “W”) is what we wanted for this dress to really shine. The “W” was almost too much and we struggled to keep it open and flowing and her hair out of her face. I think all things considered we got very lucky with two amazing surprises and no surprise Mary Poppins parachute-dress-over-the-edge!

Such an exhilarating experience from the proposal to the red dress finale – Congratulations Indervir and Trashvi!

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