Rainbows and a Sedona Engagement Session <3

What an amazing engagement session!

I “met” Katelyn and Austin long time ago online. They had just been engaged and were planning a move to Northern Arizona. Although the engagement was new, when we first talked, we waited for fall for this Sedona engagement session.

Welp. We’ve been having some really wet weather in Arizona. It’s almost like the monsoon never needed. Several times, I’ve asked myself if I’m sure I’m still in Arizona at all.

On the day of this shoot, we didn’t know what to do. The forecast called for 60% rain initially. That’s when Katelyn reached out with concerns. I blew off her worries, saying this is great news and would probably provide amazing sky for our photos.

I think Sedona can be hard to work in. Once the sun sets, it is reflecting on the rock. This makes the rocks appear more orange than red. Sometimes that orange light is visible on the faces of the people as well. I almost always pray for clouds, so this forecast did not worry me – until it did.

The weather seems fickle. At one time, it was a 90% chance of rain for the evening, so we talked about rerouting for sunrise. In between my offering up new availability, the forecast changed again. Now stating that we should expect rain prior to 8 AM. It seems like the only real opportunity might be in the middle of the day now. So, I offered to hang out at a coffee shop in Sedona. I would edit my photos from the previous day, while scoping out the weather. I would be ready to call them down, if I felt like there might not be a sunset at all. Luckily, the weather held out for the most part.

And ultimately, we stuck with the plan and decided to meet up for sunset. I know I have jinxed myself before, but I told Kaitlyn and Austin that perhaps we might have a chance at a rainbow. I told them not to worry too much about the weather 🙂

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