A Wedding at “the Bend”

Ahh I’ve struggled with what photos to post and what story to tell about this Horseshoe Bend wedding.

Initial Stages

Michelle reached out to me many months ago, although she and her fiance were from Germany, they planned to get married at the Horseshoe Bend.

Immediately, I always have concerns working a Horseshoe Bend wedding and managing expectations. Though I kneeeeeww that I could pose two people and get “the bend” in the photos…getting that view with a small wedding of 7 people in the ceremony shot would be nearly impossible. Luckily Michelle understood and we moved forward with the necessary permits.

Day of

At the time, November seemed so far away. Everything moved really quickly once we were in November and I found myself at Horseshoe Bend for this amazing wedding.

Little did I know, Jean-Phillip actually DID have a little fear of heights. Though I wasn’t sure how it would pan out, he was pretty brave and I was able to get incredible shots.

Though Horseshoe Bend was a fury of activity, we didn’t really have to fight off anyone for a ceremony shot and in many wedding photos, you can hardly see the mass of people at the canyon rim.

We were so lucky to have a slice of this busy place for just a little bit. I didn’t cry, as I sometimes do, but the ceremony was entirely in German so I didn’t really know what was going to take place most of the time 😛

After the ceremony, Michelle and John-Phillip and I broke loose and wandered along the edge waiting for our turn to see and photograph the horseshoe bend. We chatted as we walked together. I worried about the speed of my speech.


Working with people from other cultures is really my most favorite thing. There is so much that doesn’t need to be said in moments like these and sometimes the awkwardness of not knowing what’s going on puts us in a vulnerable place.

I really feel like these awkward moments in life when you don’t know what to do, and you just surrender and laugh, is truly the place from which we can connect to each other the most. So let it go, be yourself, feel a little like you aren’t sure what to do (hopefully you haven’t practiced getting married too much 😂) and let’s just be in these moments of humility together.

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