Snowy Grand Canyon Elopement Photographer

Well we’ve experienced a record breaking recorded snowfall for northern Arizona in the month of January. I would love to be a snowy Grand Canyon elopement photographer. This year in particular I am really loving the snowy season.

Though the last proposal that I shot was in plenty of beautiful fresh snow, I had no idea that we would get so much more. Desert View Dr/64 east has been closed for a while but reopened the day before this session and I was excited to get back to the east side of the park for a shoot.

Little did I know, that although the road was plowed giant burms of snow were pushed up against every sidewalk and path to the railed view areas. I got up there early only to discover that one of my favorite viewpoints was shut completely.

I’ve lived at the park on and off since 2009. In 2010 we she an epic January snow just like this… To be honest, when I moved to the south rim, I had no idea it snowed like this in Arizona 😂. I didn’t like it one bit though it made for a beautiful canyon. Flash forward, and it’s my favorite time of year. I will take some more snow, please. Let me be a snowy elopement photographer.

I’d warned Naomi and Kaz that we might have to walk in some snow in order to get close to the view and they understood but when they arrived, I wasn’t quite sure as they were both in converse like footwear. I asked about it again and they were prepared to go anywhere with me.

They are both from Japan and Naomi translated for Kaz. I still wasn’t sure if they were okay with my ideas. The snow was unbroken and I set off walking straight into it to the spots ice always loved. At times a step would have snow up to by hip! I am not even 4’10” though.

Never did I hear a complaint, we all enjoyed the silliness of it and laughed as we waded through the deepest snow to the locations we took these photos in. I haven’t laughed this much in a session for a while and then Naomi lost her shoe in the snow. It wasn’t a super easy find 🤣 and she and Katz dug around in the snow with their bare hands to retrieve it.

With one dress to wear, they changed clothes in the car and we made our way out to the #Desertviewwatchtower. This dress would be perfect, I thought as an elopement photographer. I was sure that it would be more clear. It’s a longer walk from the parking to the view and we rushed to beat the sunset. No coats or anything, these might be the bravest clients I’ve had yet!

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