They met at “Wendy’s”

I was so excited for this Grand Canyon Engagement session and as we walked around I got to know them better.

We had a few things in common, I was born in Valley Stream NY and they are from Long Island.

When I asked them how they met, I learned that Jamee and Kyle met when working at Wendy’s 6 years ago

We meandered around taking photos and talking. I’m also a tour guide and I had them smell plants and talked about the geology as we walked around. They were excited to see the stars.

To this day one of the most amazing things to me is the night sky. Do you know that 80% of the United States can’t see the Milky Way 🌌 because of light pollution?

I felt aligned with them, I hope they enjoyed the stars after we parted ways. It’s truly the one thing here that I am still in awe of.

*** Generous donations to Grand Canyon Conservancy helped to retrofit over 280 lights in the historic district. Retrofitting them to make them gooseneck, hooded, barn doored or amber helping to illuminate only the ground you walk on and not the night sky. They went on to complete the project, retrofitting over 1,000 light and the park now has an international dark sky accreditation 🌌❤️***

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