Crazy Monsoon Proposal in the Rain

This was the craziest proposal…all day at Grand Canyon, the weather was great but then right before this proposal, it took a real turn.

I watched as Rahul and Uma graciously took photos for a solo traveler but then my anxiety crept up. It wasn’t quite about to rain, but rain seemed to be coming and fast… I tried not to reveal myself as I paid attention to the scene unfolding.

It felt like forever to me but then there is was, the proposal in action. I slowly made my way over to the couple. I hardly had a moment to look at the ring and we were in a complete and heavy downpour.

We made our way to the cars. Trying to give it a little time to pass, as monsoonal storms usually do, we drove to the next point over.

It wasn’t any better, in fact it was even crazier and you couldn’t hardly see the canyon through the veils or rain but Rahul text me from the next car over and said that they were willing to try. I am always game for being in the landscape with things outside of my control, so we went for it.

I felt mad, we ran around laughing and trying not to slip into the canyon. Slowly the twin tapered a bit and we even got a little color. I am so proud of them for being brave and I very much enjoyed the entire experience.

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