Brittany & David – Grand Canyon Wedding Photos

To be honest, I still love taking Grand Canyon wedding photos but I’m picker about which events I choose to do.

When Brittany first contacted me, I couldn’t have felt more aligned. She didn’t need help deciding that Grand Canyon was the place. She’d already fallen in love with it and with David there.

David went to Grand Canyon as a child, and they went back together. Brittany surprised him with finding a corduroy hat like he wore when he was there as a youngster.

Even though she became terribly ill on the visit to the canyon, it was still a magical bonding experience for David ana Brittany and they wanted to come back to be married here.

When Brittany contacted me, the wedding permit was already in hand. Their closest friends were already invited and one prepared to be the officiant. They only needed someone to take their Grand Canyon wedding photos.

The permit was for 8am, just exactly two hours after sunrise and I must admit, I was not psyched about the time but I felt so connected to the reason. They wanted to hike and explore and enjoy what they couldn’t when they were here three years ago with Brittany sick.

I agreed to shoot their wedding and hoped I could convince them into a sunrise first look and portrait sessions the morning of the ceremony for their Grand Canyon wedding photos.

Brittany was interested but not sure how it could work. Where would she change? How could we do it?

I have a little pop-up changing tent that I’ve used before. Most things I do are out in nature but even at more popular viewpoints at Grand Canyon, bathrooms are few and far between.

She wasn’t super convinced on the tent so I asked if maybe they would drive separately with their friends and the friends would walk them to the first look location at separate times… but then I learned the friends weren’t attending our sunrise first look.

I liked that we would be alone in this intimate early morning light so I suggested that Brittany get dressed and blindfold David. She could walk him to the location herself and then remove the blindfold for the first look photos…she excitedly agreed.

We met in the dark of the parking lot and giggled as we walked David right past the giant elk and toward the canyon…and then the day unfolded into these beautiful Grand Canyon wedding photos.


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