Baby Alana Rose Dryer <3 Little Grand Canyon Local

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how long I’ve been connected to Grand Canyon. Jed and Rachel were some of the first people I ever knew when I first came to live here, just about 9 years ago. It’s a lot easier to tell how long I’ve been here when I look back on all of the portraits I’ve taken at the South Rim over the years. Jed and Rachel’s Grandeur Point wedding was really one of my first ventures back into more professional photography, though I was well-seasoned and a well worked photographer, I really took a break from pursuing family portraits and weddings for a while.

Once I broke my hiatus shooting Jed and Rachel’s wedding, I moved on to shooting more and more and got really into surprise engagement proposals in the epic Grand Canyon landscape. Time passed and before I even realized how long it was, they were married for over two years and I was standing with them at Yavapai Point taking their maternity shots and just a little bit more time passing and shooting pictures all the while, there is Alana Rose Dryer this perfect little peanut. I couldn’t wait to meet her and take her photos.

I really had not photographed an infant since working many years ago at a portrait studio and I loved being familiar enough to work with Rachel in her home. It didn’t feel like work at all though Alana had her moments 🙂 It was just like hanging out with an old friend truly as the photography was so natural for me and I’m not even sure why though I am infinitely glad for all of those years that I was working for the photo studio and the lifetime of experience in working with every age group.

I am really happy with the way these came out. I used all natural light, no reflector at all and I’m really thrilled to have captured so many versions of this family and I can’t wait for all of the little stages that Alana will go through and the community that Grand Canyon will envelop her in.

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