How to plan a Sunset Sand Dunes Elopement Wedding

Sunset Sand Dunes Elopement Wedding Planning

Did you know that there are sand dunes all over the United States?! And you can plan a really amazing elopement in several different places that allow for magical wandering through this incredible landscape.

There are a lot of different kinds of things you can do for a sand dunes elopement wedding but I bet you never thought about…

  • Sandboarding in your wedding clothes and what is sandboarding anyway?! Sandboarding, is just like surfing and skiing combined, except it doesn’t necessarily have to be cold or hot weather to do it. You can sandboard in any weather ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Sledding! yep, same idea as #1, different vessel :p
  • ATV Sand Dunes – there are some amazing opportunities to do some off-roading for your sand dunes elopement wedding. Some of the major places include: Dumont Dunes, Oceano Dunes, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Imperial Sand Dunes, Rasor Dunes and Imperial Dunes, just to name a few ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Glamping in the Sand Dunes! Glamping is an amazing way to spend your first married night, and beginning of your honeymoon. It’s amazing to wake up on the first day of your life together. There are amazing glamping locations right around Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Sand Dunes Locations you should consider for your Sand Dunes Elopement Wedding:


Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – Close to Kanab Utah, you could easily tack on exploring a slot canyon, visiting Grand Canyon’s North Rim or Lake Powell to you southwest elopement.

This is one of the locations you are able to rent an ATV for a sand dunes elopement or rent a sandboard or simply explore on foot. The elopement images in this blog were taken here.


Dumont Dunes – These incredible dunes are waiting just outside of Death Valley National Park. You are allowed to camp here, have your dog here(if you want), ATV, Sandboard and explore the dunes at will. There are some amazing places for fun things to do on your elopement day in this general area including: Rhyolite Ghost Town, Death Valley National Park, Tecopa Hot Springs, Sculpture Garden, Amargosa Opera House, Amargosa river, wildlife preserves and more.

Imperial Sand Dunes – This amazing place could be a stop on the way to the Baja Peninsula, or the Salton Sea, San Diego or even JTree. It’s right on the border of Arizona and California with lots of opportunities for unique lodging and nearby explorations.

Rasor Dunes – You can camp anywhere here too! It’s an amazing landscape in California for long-term campers or even a short night glamping out under the stars. You are allowed to ATV here as well as bring fido.

New Mexico

White Sands National Park – Hiding out in southwest New Mexico, is this newly named National Park. This park offers a lot of opportunities for an amazing sand dunes elopement wedding. You can travel via horseback, backpacking, driving, primitive camping and almost everything except the ATV or bringing the pup.


Great Sand Dunes National Park – This sand dunes elopement wedding location, is in Colorado! There are other amazing things to see in the national park, like the night sky and Medano Creek. In this part of Colorado you can hike in the mountains and wander through aspens too.


Bruneau Dunes State Park– Did you have any idea how cool Idaho is?! This little state park is incredible! There is a big sand dune in the park right next to a small lake. It looks beautiful at sunrise and sunset and looked pink to me when I was there. This is in more southern Idaho but not too far from the Sawtooth Mountain range and City of Rocks, for other epic elopement photos.


Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore – Did you think you could find a sand dune in the middle of the United States, welp – you can! This wedding location is in Michigan, on the edge of a lake, but that’s in the name ๐Ÿ˜‰

North Carolina

Jockeyรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs Ridge State Park – North Carolina! We are coming for you. Why not a sand dunes, beach wedding. The carolinas were always a favorite for family vacationing. The climate is incredible, winter could even be possible to escape some crowds and still have mild weather for your elopement.


Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area – AMMMAZING. I went here this summer. You can drive on the beach, have a fire and roast some marshmallows on your wedding day. With a short drive from here, you could be in an old growth forest full of moody dark mossy trees.

  1. Sienna says:

    Grew up not too far from the Oceano Dunes! Dunes can provide such a fun wedding backdrop!

    • Terri Attridge says:

      I really loved it over there, it doesn’t get much better than that. It would be pretty magical for a marriage ceremony.

    • Terri Attridge says:

      Ahh Dunes by the ocean are my favorite. Can’t wait to shoot a beachy wedding!

  2. Adriana says:

    I’ve only been to the oceano dunes, really had no idea there were so many others lol! This is a great article ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Terri Attridge says:

      It’s so surprising, and they are fairly widespread too. I am definitely going to go of my way to photograph a wedding in some dunes.

  3. silvia says:

    totally in love, thank you for the great advices! And your pictures are absolutely amazing!

  4. Afton says:

    Bookmarking this page not for elopements but for my own personal travels! This list is SO helpful for when I drive through the USA next!

  5. Erica Swantek says:

    Super informative post on how to plan a Sunset Sand Dunes Elopement Wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sierra says:

    Awesome list of Sand dune locations! It’s so cool how many different types there are and how many different states have them!

  7. Angela Hays says:

    I have never shot at any sand dunes but now I want to! What great tips for folks and so many dune locations to choose from. All of the dunes close to me are ATV heavy and tricky for photoshoots. Love the info!

    • Terri Attridge says:

      Yeah! The ATV’s are a part of the culture for sure, but I think it could be fun to include one in a wedding!

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