12.28.17 the Last Surprise Engagement of 2017

Last Surprise Engagement at Grand Canyon of 2017 – Photography by Terri Attridge

Shooting surprise engagement photos at Grand Canyon has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It’s all about being in the moment with these people on their #bestdayever that gives me all the feels. I have really enjoyed each portrait that I’ve taken and being a Grand Canyon wedding photographer is next on my list. Grand Canyon usually is a but colder for winter visitors but we got lucky and it was nearly 60 degrees on this day. Having the temperature be a bit higher than usual helped me out as it’s often hard to take Grand Canyon portraits in the blustery cold but the snow is outrageous and I can’t wait to take snowy Grand Canyon pictures again.

Seeing snow at Grand Canyon is an amazing event in of itself. Less tourists are here in the winter months and most locals delight in the emptiness that they feel at Grand Canyon. Before too long, the locals want the visitors to return but before that happens, its the perfect time to take some surprise engagement photos. Though there are more people visiting in the summer months, that poses a challenge for the surprise engagement proposal photographer. Its hard enough to help plan a quiet engagement in the summer when there are so many visitors but winter is a different story. In winter, I can photograph surprise proposals in many locations that I wouldn’t dare try in the summer. Less visitation can offer a more intimate experience as well as more opportunities for proposal locations. I would welcome and encourage people considering a Grand Canyon proposal to consider the wintertime.

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