Surprise Grand Canyon Engagement Proposal


Grand Canyon National Park Engagement Proposal – This is my specialty and I’m looking to provide this service to more couples at on their Grand Canyon Vacation.

I would love to look back over the year and post all of the amazing Grand Canyon portraits from 2017, but I still have quite a few from the tail end of the year to post. This engagement was beautiful. It was cold at Grand Canyon and it was sunrise when we arranged meeting to take these surprise engagement photos on the rim of the canyon. We went to Lipan Point and as usual, I was hidden as a tourist, until he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him in this epic landscape. Of course she said yes.

It was cold on this day at sunrise and I was excited and nervous as I looked on pretending to be just another tourist at Grand Canyon. At the appropriate moment, when our proposer drops to his or her knee to make this person their fiance, I snap into action, camera ready to photograph the proposal in action. After this moment, I come out from behind a bust or rock feature or from hiding in plain sight to introduce myself. Most times people are so caught up in the moment that they don’t realize I am there until much later. Sometimes they notice me as it happens, it doesn’t seem to matter when I am revealed to them more importantly they are just excited that he #didathing and are elated to be in the moment saying #yes. A lot of brides to be have been waiting for this moment for what seems like #forever but they are still interested to learn if anyone hired a photographer.

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