First Grand Canyon Engagement Portrait of 2018

New year, first photo session, a snowy Grand Canyon Engagement photo session. The canyon is an amazing place of ever changing light and shadow. Clouds and weather create the most atmosphere and we all delighted in the day the sunrise brought.

I offered to shoot Lizzy and Ryan’s engagement photos as curtesy to them as I’ll be shooting their wedding in the fall. We talked about the possibility of including snow and even reserved 3 weekends in order to try for it. At the last minute, snow appeared in the Northern Arizona Forecast and Lizzy text me, they were able to be free, I was happy as so was I 🙂 We still played it by ear until the Thursday before and I’m glad that we did as the flexibility allowed us to meet on Sunday at sunrise. It snowed much of Saturday at the canyon but Sunday was slated to be clear and sunny so we all made a push for it.

We met 10 minutes before sunrise and started shooting. There is really quite a lot of available light before the sun breaks over the horizon line at Grand Canyon and we were all anxious to see how it would materialize. It was one of the most amazing sunrises I’ve seen to date. In addition to taking engagement photos we were stopping constantly just to ooh and ahh our surroundings. The light broke over the horizon line turning every little bit of the snow blowing and swirling around Grand Canyon to turn pink. It was such a soft pink gorgeous color in the canyon. I love snowy Grand Canyon engagement photo sessions! Although this kind of Grand Canyon photography is my speciality, the weather and the moment and the attitude that Ryan and Lizzy had is what really helped to create this spectacular Grand Canyon engagement session.



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