Engagement Photos at Grand Canyon

I am a Grand Canyon engagement portrait photographer.  Living at the national park, I know all of the best locations and can scout the light in advance and close to the session. As a natural light photographer, its important for me to stay on top of how the light appears in different seasons at the various Grand Canyon viewpoints. It’s also important to me to choose a location that is not a tourist destination as I want to create an experience for my guests. I know a lot about the geology and plant life at Grand Canyon and really try to incorporate that into the portrait experience that I create at the South Rim. Many people using my services are not from the area and are tourists themselves. Some of my photography clients have never been to Grand Canyon before and aside from the portrait time that we spend together, they may not have any additional time at the canyon so I try to pack in as much information about the park as I can into out portrait session.

Rebeca and Justin really love being in beautiful places together so they decided to take some engagement photos at Grand Canyon’s edge. It was a little bit stormy and overcast when we met to take these portraits but I love the way that it helped accentuate Grand Canyon’s color. The wind was whipping the entire time that we were taking photos, it’s often breezy at the south rim., but that only made the dress flow more dramatically. We wanted to take some classic romantic poses and shots like the dip and the foot-pop-kiss. It was really a beautiful sunset shoot even if the sun only peeked through for just a little bit 🙂

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