Grand Canyon Engagement

This was a LBGT surprise proposal at Grand Canyon National Park. I remember the first time that I was asked to take photos for a gay engagement proposal. I was thrilled. I am openminded and respectful to anyone that wants to share their love with someone else. I always say that each and every engagement proposal is unique and that Grand Canyon never looks the same twice, this occasion was no different. The weather was blustery and the canyon invisible for most of the day. Paige (the proposer) text me secretively earlier that day and being that I live at Grand Canyon, it was easy to try to be flexible with the weather but the canyon was socked in all day. We “met” a couple of hours earlier than planned and I watched the surprise proposal take place before my lens while the canyon teased us with appearing. It was beautiful and so nice to witness such a happy moment at the canyon. We took some photos around the viewpoint and also at Desert View and then followed each other back down Desert View toward the village in the hopes that if the canyon opened up again that we could take a few photos. Very near to the end of the road the canyon was visible and we stopped and ran around, kind of giddy in the spirit of things and also the beauty of what we all were seeing and them really seeing Grand Canyon for the first time on their engagement day :). I can’t wait!


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