Surprise Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Surprise Engagement Proposal Photography is my most favorite kind of photography and my specialty. Living at Grand Canyon I know the landscape very well and can help plan your proposal.

It was really amazing to be a part of another surprise engagement proposal at Grand Canyon. It was Friday and l left work a little early to go “meet” the couple out on the east rim. I left early, as I always do. I actually get really nervous or an adrenaline rush from being apart of these engagement proposals in the moment in such an epic location as Grand Canyon. When I arrived at the location my proposer beat me to it, by about 1 hour. His then-girlfriend was pretty tired and was more than ready to head back for a rest and  break from the wind. We sprung into action shooting the proposal and having the proposal earlier than expected and it was beautiful. Of course, she said yes and after being engaged found it pretty easy to muster up enough energy to have these portraits taken.

Learn more about planning a surprise engagement proposal with me.

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