North Cascades National Park Adventure in Washington

North Cascades National Park Adventure in Washington

On the way to the acroyoga campout, Rachel and I camped at #NorthCascadesNationalPark. We left #Portland in the late afternoon/early eve and, except for a quick-ish dinner stop, Rachel drove us through the night to camp in this majestic place.

I think it was about 2am when we arrived and it was pretty dark but we were absolutely exhausted and set up our tents, and blew up the air mattresses and crawled into our sleeping bags right away.

We let ourselves sleep and the next morning, I awoke to a mossy wilderness. In hot dry Phoenix Arizona one morning, and the next a lush moist green dark #landofthesasquatch.

We explored around and stopped to make hot coffee, on a big fallen log across the quick moving water. It was a really nice experience to spend some time in the #wilderness of the #PNW.

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