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Surprise Engagement Proposal

Caryn sent me an email a while back about photographing her surprise engagement proposal at Grand Canyon. These are my absolute favorite kinds of photo sessions, of course I said yes. We eventually talked on the phone, and followed up with all of the little details.

I always provide the proposer with a lot of information about how orchestrate a surprise engagement proposal at Grand Canyon. This includes how best to stand, and how to position the fiance-to-be so that I’m able to see their expression. In the end, I stressed how much of an organic moment this is and should be. As much as I give so many little details, it’s less important to worry about the photography as much as it is to just be in that moment.

The day finally came and I sat out at the point in my car, waiting for them to arrive. As soon as I identified them, I tried to lead Caryn to the perfect place to propose but unknowingly, Tracy was unable to stand close to the edge. I watched as Caryn tried to coax her toward the spot that I’d chosen.

Running around around to another location that I thought might work just as well, from a spot further away from the rim. I beckoned for Caryn to follow me but I could hear her still working on getting Tracy out to the original location. I hurried back to a better vantage point for where they were now standing.

As I anticipated, Caryn surrendered to the moment and dropped to one knee, she proposed and Tracy was over the moon and extremely surprised. I watched the moment unfold and continued to take photos for a little while before walking over to greet them.

Whatever happens in these moments, as important as photographs are, be in the present moment. Allow authentic moments to unfold. We can only control so much in this life, take the ride and live a great story.

Congratulations again Tracy and Caryn!

Contact me about photographing your surprise proposal.

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