Questions for a Lesbian / Gay Surprise Engagement Proposal Photographer? Do both partners get an engagement ring?

Planning a Surprise Engagement Proposal at Grand Canyon

Chelsea and I emailed back and forth constantly for several months. One of the first things she was sure to tell me was that she was a woman proposing to another woman. She was concerned that I might not want to photograph her gay / lesbian surprise engagement proposal. I was floored. I felt bad that she felt the need to even ask this question and I wished the world was a different place because I believe that love is love.

Chelsea was relieved when I told her that I would happily take her photos, lesbian engagement or not. “It has been a problem in the past so we always try to ask, we know if the photographer is uncomfortable with us it will show in pictures and would hate for these to be anything less than perfect!”

I said, ” Dude! That might be someone else’s problem, but it will never be mine.”

We emailed and emailed, being in a same-sex relationship and finding a gay friendly photographer wasn’t Chelsea’s only concern and we exchanged many emails about the little details, 68 emails in fact …. and then the emails got interesting. Chelsea said she knew that Monica also purchased and had a ring she was hiding.

“I also accidentally saw that she bought a ring too soooo this could be interesting but I really do not think she has it yet so I am thinking she has something else planned haha.”

I was floored but Chelsea explained. “We have always kind of casually said we would both plan something and propose since we are both feminine and that is something we both would look forward to.  I would’ve been fine being the only one to propose but she has said previously that wouldn’t be fair and she wants me to have that moment also so we shall see how this plays out haha.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t think the Grand Canyon is the place for it also and propose first or something crazy like that!!  I do not think she has the ring in hand yet though thankfully so hopefully she won’t throw our plan off.”

Chelsea didn’t think that Monica would bring it with her on this trip, but then knew it was in Monica’s luggage when they checked their bags at the airport. Chelsea just said to me, “I’m 99% sure she also has a ring in her carry on backpack 😂”

Rain or Shine or Grand Canyon Inversion – Engagement Photography

When I arrived at the chosen location on their surprise proposal day, I figured that Monica may have already proposed by the time that Chelsea’s plan was underway, but she did not hahaha

The weather was awful on this day, we couldn’t see the canyon for most of the day and the times that we did, the clouds sealed it up again, right away. Chelsea was worried but but I was able to be very flexible and offer up any other time that day. I watched the Yavapai Geology webcam until the clouds cleared a bit.

I got the message from Chelsea that she wanted to do this now, while we had a hope of seeing the canyon from behind the wall of clouds that blocked it all day. I was game and drove out immediately but I never saw the canyon on my drive and it was already socked in again.

Showing no signs of revealing itself, I urged Chelsea to go to the Desert View Watchtower first and then make her way back to me. I was hoping the extra time might give the clouds one more chance.

When they finally arrived, the canyon was invisible but we went with the plan and as we waited for the crowds to move around a bit, we began to see parts of the canyon, but not where I usually work. The canyon was only reveled in a location that is closer to the rail and ultimately more people. Chelsea and I really wanted to avoid being on display or amongst others, a service I pride myself on providing.

Without being able to really communicate, I guided them in this proposal that might not be ideal but I was also afraid we would lose the canyon view again, another storm was set to roll in and replace the one from the morning.

Chelsea gave up waiting for the visitors to disperse and she got down on one knee. Immediately after, so did Monica and it was an incredible moment of joy and laughter to be a part of.

I will always offer LGBTQ+ friendly photography, wedding elopement and surprise proposal. I was honored to be a part of this engagement and am happy to be a Gay/ Lesbian surprise engagement proposal photographer.

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