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This isn’t a Lake Powell wedding, but I think that it looks like it could be. Giving me ideas for new locations in Arizona for elopements, I called to talk to the permit coordinator for the area. Surprised when I got a call back only an hour later, I asked about the necessary permits and some locations.

Really cool. I can take photos of couples in their wedding attire but in order to have a Lake Powell wedding, the couple would have to get a permit. I’m happy at the interpretation. Almost everywhere the rules for this are written in the same words, but it’s imperative to call and maybe once a year, as staff changes quickly with the park service. I’m a big proponent of good park stewardship.

Carlos and Vanessa weren’t here to take Lake Powell wedding photos, though the dress is something I would consider a wedding dress option for sure! Engagement photos is what they came for, and we really did our best to make the ring the focal point of many of these photos.

That was pretty easy lol, it’s gigantic <3 Everything from the ring to their outfit choice looked incredible inthe soft orange/pink sick rock set off by stone gray blue water of the lake. We had overcast but ever changing conditions, some made certain scenes look matte and others had a golden sheen. It was a gorgeous night but more time than needed.

With the storm rolling in, we thought that there wouldn’t be much of a sunset and we parted ways. It was pretty dark and overcast and I think we were all glad to see it for a little while, especially when it made the lake glow. Wishing all the best for Vanessa and Carlos!

Get a Permit for a Wedding at Lake Powell

Any wedding or elopement at Lake Powell or within the boundaries of Glen Canyon National Recreation area will need a special use permit. There is detailed info on the site here.

Other Lake Powell Area Wedding Location Ideas

  1. Paddling into lower Antelope Canyon to exchange vows. I’ve long thought that a kayak trip into the lower antelope canyon would be beeeautiful for an elopement but I wasn’t sure if it was actually allowed. I was so happy to learn that it is! You just need to get a special use permit. I probably wouldn’t recommend this location for anything bigger than just two and a minister. I think its a very small and unique place but any more participants and I would really be worried about stewardship and impacting anyone else’s visitor experience. Read on here.

2. This “no name” overlook. In the interest of being a good steward and helping protect this place, I’m not going to name it, so shhhh but this particular point is outstanding. You get to take a long dirt road, do a little rock crawling and end up at the most insane overlook of Lake Powell. The beauty here is unparallelled with 360 degree views awesome for sunset or sunrise wedding and glamping. See here.

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  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful Images! That location is so perfect for a session or elopement!

  2. Adam says:

    This is awesome! Lake Powell is an absolute must. so curious about your secret location!!

  3. I love how much you address the importance of stewardship when choosing a location. <3

  4. Leo says:

    Love the images here! Nice work keeping your “no name overlook” under wraps – keep it pristine and take only photos, something your couples will value. Thanks for sharing!

  5. julie says:

    This is great article! Thank you for all the information! Also love love the photos!

  6. julie says:

    oooooo thank you for all the information! Love this article! And beautiful gallery!

  7. lexihoebing says:

    Love the lake powell look-a-like location!

  8. Andrea Brandt says:

    Hi Terri! Love this post! Great info on permits needed- something a lot of people don’t realize, I imagine!

  9. Kira says:

    I love that you’ve found a good balance between inspiring others with incredible locations and teaching others the value of keeping locations a little under wraps! Let’s keep these wild places wild and make sure they stay incredibly special for the couples we do bring there, y’know?

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