Shoshone Point Wedding

Shoshone Point Wedding

I’ve known Kate and Dan over the years living at Grand Canyon. When Kate asked me if I was available to shoot their wedding, I felt so honored.

I met Kate many years ago while we were both working for Grand Canyon Conservancy. She had a ton of experience working in National Parks and outdoor education, but that wasn’t why she came here. She came for Dan.

Long ago, working in Yosemite, this mustached man driving around in the Camaro caught her attention. She told some friends and before too long they were out on a bicycle date. Since then, there’s been no one else for her but this nerdy plant guy, Dan 😛.

So we met here at Grand Canyon where Dan was and became friends, went on a backpacking trip to the LCR confluence and fell mostly out of touch.

I eventually met this mustached man while helping GCC with a members weekend in the new greenhouse. I remember a quiet gentleness from the man charged with looking after the one of the most important tiny little plants at Grand Canyon, our beloved Century Milkvetch ❤️. I was happy to know his face and enjoyed seeing him play with our local favorite band, Sockdolager.

In more recent years, I ran into the two of them very occasionally and mostly followed Kate’s climbing online (she’s an insane climber). I figured they would be together forever, marriage isn’t really needed to be together after all.

I must admit, it surprised me when Kate asked for my help with this but I was enamored to be included. During this Shoshone Point wedding, it was so clear that they and I were exactly where we were supposed to be, even if it took us all a bit of time to be there. It was the most perfect union and I am still basking in the glowy energy of it all.

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